Memorials and After Care Arrangements

There are several options for handling your pet's remains after their passing. I am able to assist with transport to a pet crematorium or cemetery.

Options available include communal cremation. In this case, your pet is cremated with other pets, and no ashes can be returned to you. If you prefer, you pet may be cremated privately, and their ashes will be returned to you. Please consider looking at the services offered by Paws Whiskers and Wags. This crematorium, with locations in Decatur and Covington, has provided compassionate care for many of my patients, and even my own pet. You can get more information at

If you would like a cemetery burial for your pet, this can also be arranged. I am happy to transport your pet for this service, but it is necessary that you contact the facility and make arrangements prior to our appointment.

Many families prefer to bury their beloved pet at home. This option is limited in some communities, so you should check with your local county and city ordinances before hand. Please keep in mind that to prevent the disturbance of your pets grave by scavengers or other pets, it is important that the depth of the grave is a minimum of 4 feet deep, with 3 feet of earth covering your pet.

There are many options for memorializing your beloved fur baby. I am happy to make a clay paw print for you, or to snip a lock of fur for you to keep. You can also get all sorts of personalized plaques, garden or grave stones, charms, cremation jewelry or urns. Searching for "pet memorials" on the internet can lead you to some really beautiful options.

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